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Cuernos del Paine II Cuff - Austral
Cuernos del Paine Cuff - Austral
Corona Australis Silver Earcuff - Austral

Feito na América do Sul

Hecho en américa del sur

Made in south america

Austral Logo

9 Years


We ship worldwide

We ship to North and Central America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and South America. You can check the price in other currencies in our shop.


We give Free Shipping for orders above R$500 (Reais - Brazil) in products in our online store to North America, Central America and Europe. 

Monjes de la Pacana - Atacama Desert
Raquel Bloomfield - Designer and Founder of Austral
The Designer
Raquel Bloomfield

Studied Fashion Design at UDESC ( State University of Santa Catarina), having the opportunity to make an exchange course in Buenos Aires, in 2011. It was during this exchange that she became interested with accessories, making a jewelery course at the CEJ (Complejo Educativo de Joyería). Back in Brazil, Raquel was an intern at brand accessories Parco Design, in Florianopolis. After graduating, she returned to Curitiba and created Austral® inspired by her main passion: South America.





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About us

Since 2014

Austral® was born from the desire to translate a minimalist design into accessories, looking for a balance between the aesthetic and the inspirations from each collection. We are motivated by South America, principally by the Andes. Our intention is to honor this continent so rich in cultures and nature.

With a unique identity, we look for the philosophy that "less is more" to a public that seeks originality and authenticity, mixing our brazilian know-how with a communication between South American cultures.

We seek to expose our vision in our collections, using various forms of expression. Going through the fields of design, fashion, photography and art to express the concept and the lifestyle of Austral®.

Contact us

Showroom opening times:

Monday to Friday: 14 pm - 19 pm

Schedule a time.


Our Address

Rua Deputado Heitor Alencar Furtado, 3350, sala 503.

Campo Comprido

Curitiba - PR 




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